Mine Fleet Management

Maximise the effectiveness of fleets while improving safety.

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Fleet management is considered standard practice for mines to be safer and more productive. Hexagon elevates fleet management to mission-critical, allowing mines to maximise the effectiveness of their fleets while improving safety.


In modern mining, the term “fleet management” conveys different meanings depending on the audience: from optimisation goliaths and large truck/shovel assignments, to lightweight but capable tablet-based systems, to basic tracking from secondary digital IoT (Internet of Things) platforms, such as collision avoidance and telematics systems.

Finding a partner that can navigate through that journey is critical. Hexagon helps mining companies master fleets by automating processes, optimising haulage and blending and delivering situational awareness.

By integrating data and automating production cycles and operations workflows, Hexagon empowers mines with the right information at the right time to better use equipment, improve workflows, reduce costs and raise productivity. 

Peer-to-peer communications means an end to sub-optimal system updates and the delays caused by poor wireless network coverage. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that greater situational awareness means a safer mine.

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