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Detect and assess incidents, dispatch responders and improve safety and security. 

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Hexagon provides public safety and security agencies and other response teams with capabilities to improve incident management, from the initial call for service through threat assessment, dispatching, response and incident resolution. Our incident management solutions help organisations reduce response times, enable multi-agency collaboration and improve public and responder safety and security. 

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Public safety

For police, fire, emergency medical and emergency communications agencies, ensuring fast and responsive service is critical to public safety. Dispatchers and responders need comprehensive information about people, places and events to effectively manage calls for service and incidents. 

Hexagon’s industry-leading incident management capabilities coordinate critical information and resources and track developing situations in real time, helping teams manage and resolve incidents with speed and efficiency, whether for a single agency or across multiple jurisdictions. Call-takers, dispatchers and supervisors benefit from streamlined tools to field calls, create and update events and manage resources, while field personnel can increase productivity and safety while en route or on scene through mobile applications and information. 

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Ensuring safety and security at airports and along rail and transit networks presents complex challenges. Transportation authorities, network operators and safety and security teams need the ability to quickly detect and assess possible threats and respond to and resolve incidents. 

Hexagon offers end-to-end incident management and security capabilities for transportation facilities and networks that help organisations better manage threats, reduce risk and avoid disruptions. With our solutions, security and operations teams can rapidly assess public calls for service and security system alerts and manage safety and security response in the center and the field. And for situations that require additional resources, they can easily connect and collaborate with outside teams, such as local emergency services. 

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Maintaining safe operations and enhancing security across large industrial, commercial and government facilities and campuses can be tricky. Many operations and security centers and teams rely on outdated technologies and processes, which put organisations at risk.  

Hexagon’s proven incident management and incident security capabilities help organisations reduce downtime, protect assets and ensure employee and visitor safety through integrated information and workflows. With our solutions, operations centers can receive and assess alarms, alerts and calls from across single or multiple facilities and dispatch the appropriate teams to resolve incidents. When situations escalate, our flexible solutions also enable collaboration with public emergency services. 

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Traffic management and roadside assistance organisations help ensure the safety of motorists and roadways. To do this effectively, they need timely and accurate information about incidents and the ability to quickly dispatch service teams to resolve problems. 

Hexagon’s integrated solutions support end-to-end incident management for traffic control rooms and roadside assistance contact centers and their service teams. From real-time situational awareness from roadway calls, traffic cameras and sensors and field teams to tools for managing customer roadside assistance requests and service technicians, we help organisations rapidly identify problem areas and ensure fast and effective response to enhance driver and passenger safety and minimise traffic and travel disruptions. 

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