Engineering offices

Create a connected world with state-of-the-art technology and software solutions so you can design and build long-lasting infrastructures you are proud of.

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Planning removes unforeseen complications

Unforeseen site conditions can derail plans and balloon costs. Job sites that are surveyed and measured accurately enable designers, engineers, contractors and owners to plan and execute smoothly.

Civil engineering solutions help maintain production rates in the field by enabling all stakeholder to work from the same accurate information, eliminating unforeseen rework for the entire project team.

Engineering for jobsite productivity

Good design means capturing the landscape early and often with civil engineering technology. Great design means that data reflects real-world conditions when people, machines and material hit the jobsite.

Early due diligence from Engineering Offices and coordination with the rest of the supply chain (client and contractors) minimises unforeseen obstacles that typically make projects run over time, over budget and off specification.

Dirt Simple Solutions from Hexagon bring survey, design and construction together. Easy-to-use products and easy-to-adopt workflows take the pain out of the process.

Our integrated solutions assist with:

  • Field surveys with scanners and sensors
  • Non-destructive testing with ground penetrating radar
  • Flexible CAD software that meets your needs
  • Project management software solutions