Construction Phases

Hexagon’s Dirt Simple Solutions improve the interaction of people, machines and material across all construction phases.

The phases of a connected heavy construction project

A construction project has many phases. Contractors need to align service providers, deadlines and resources to deliver their projects with efficiency, precision, safety, and profit. Every stage in a heavy construction project is made up of multiple tasks, teams, tools and technologies to get the job done. The life of a construction project includes five important stages:

  1. Design and pre-construction;
  2. Estimation and planning;
  3. Mobilisation of resources and site preparation;
  4. The actual building and construction of infrastructure;
  5. Closing and handing over the project for operation and maintenance.

At each phase of a construction project contractors have to make decisions involving time, quality and budget. Choosing the right resources is important. Solutions need to be easy-to-use, easy-to-adopt and easy-to-deploy on the jobsite.

Explore solutions that are Dirt Simple for each phase of your construction project.

Design & Capture

The accurate positioning and measurement of surfaces, spaces and sites starts early and often throughout the life of a site. The right distances and volumes are a key step in any successful construction project.

Estimate & Plan

Estimating the work to be done is critical for planning the budgets, resources, time and people required. We recognise that your competitive advantage rests on these solutions adapting to multiple platforms allowing data to flow in seamlessly.

Mobilise & Prepare

The mobilisation of your resources and the preparation of your site ensure that everything and everyone come to together as a team.

Construct & Build

Timely and correct information allows contractors to perform construction tasks right the first time. With the right technologies builders can automate and connect heavy construction equipment for complete control.

Operate & Maintain

Monitoring technologies provide continuous reliable data to check the condition of infrastructures. Effortless deployment improves maintenance, safety and operations.

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 Every construction project comes with its own challenges. Knowing which technology to use and how, can provide competitive advantage. Take a look at what solutions will not only give you massive productivity gains, but also give you the accuracy and precision your project demands.