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Hexagon provides you and your team with Dirt Simple Solutions to achieve your goals on time, on specifications, on safety and under budget.

Construction team works with machine control solutions from Leica Geosystems

Hexagon's dirt simple solutions help you stay on time and on budget

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Explore how heavy construction professionals, surveyors, civil engineers, monitoring service providers digitise operations from design to maintenance, realising gains in cost, savings in time and best practice in safety. Discover our simple and easy-to-use solutions that fits to your project, team, equipment fleet and workflow to get you the job done on time, on budget, on safety and on specifications.

Today, the construction industry is dealing with more disruption than ever before. Work is done differently, requiring professionals to have generalist skill sets while customer expectations continue to rise. Civil contractors must respond to this disruption by choosing the right technology partner to ease day-to-day operations regarding the collaboration and coordination of people, machines and materials.

When it comes to construction technology, we understand your need for open standards for fast integration so workflow solutions can be adopted quickly. We empower generalists with easy-to-use systems that lower deployment efforts and improve workforce acceptance.

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Good design means capturing the landscape early and often with civil engineering technology. Great design means that data reflects real-world conditions when people, machines and material hit the jobsite.

Early due diligence from engineering offices and coordination with the rest of the supply chain (client and contractors) minimises unforeseen obstacles that typically make projects run over time, over budget and off specification.

Dirt simple solutions from Hexagon bring survey, design and construction together. Easy-to-use products and easy-to-adopt workflows take the pain out of the process.

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Besides defining legal boundaries, the planning, construction and maintenance of most structures require a surveyor’s service. Surveyors provide accurate measurements and up-to-date data to shape and build a better world.

Geared with the right equipment, software and services, land surveyors determine much more than property boundaries. They provide measurements, positions and the data needed for a variety of construction services. These surveying service providers will assess, verify and produce the most accurate data, giving contractors the information they need to create winning bids, produce accurate models for machine control and get the job done right the first time.

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Monitoring service providers play an important role in ensuring the integrity of a construction site and its related work as well as the integrity of any other infrastructure surrounding a project site.

We support real-time monitoring that confirms and predicts movements and measures changes, so work can be carried out efficiently with minimal risk of costly infrastructure damage and hazardous environments.

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Hexagon is more than just a technology provider — we are a partner for all machine applications. We enhance a civil contractor’s ability to remain in control by deploying seamless information exchanges, accommodating various file formats and machine types.

On the road to automation and autonomy, we believe solutions need to be simple for civil contractors to get the job done. As a heavy construction partner, Hexagon collaborates with OEMs to deliver what cannot be done alone. We design solutions that integrate leading sensors and software systems to the high quality and engineering standards required from manufacturers.

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Hexagon has the strongest distribution network in the world with 260 service centres in more than 110 countries. Our construction dealers benefit from 200 years of experience in reliable and proven solutions that get the job done. We support project delivery with the most relevant tools on the jobsite and develop the most skilled partners in the network. All equipment is certified and all installation engineers are thoroughly trained.

Most importantly, customer success and trust is the cornerstone of our business. We ensure that our distribution partners understand not only our solutions, but also our customers' businesses to better serve your needs.

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