Technical support

Get quick customer support for your measuring systems and software

Technical support

With over 100 customer support centres spanning the globe, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence technical support is ready when you need it.

Every equipment user knows that minimising machine downtime is key to getting the most out of an investment. This is why the Hexagon technical support network is strategically located worldwide and ever-expanding; the national call centres collect all requests for service and coordinate the activities of local technicians to provide rapid response.

Service staff are trained to guarantee the maintenance of Hexagon products. They are continuously updated on the development of every measurement system by the people who designed and manufactured them, from coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), through laser trackers, to portable measuring arms. This gives Hexagon service engineers the expertise to solve your problems, either by giving remote support online or via telephone consultancy, or, if needed, providing assistance at your site.

Technical service jobs, such as operational maintenance, repair or adjustment, often demand expertise, specialist tools, and certified spare parts. By meeting these criteria and fulfilling your needs, Hexagon guarantees that the functionality and accuracy of your measuring machine are perfectly restored.