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Preventive Maintenance

It is sometimes misunderstood that a calibration is all that’s needed to keep a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) or portable system in optimum condition. Preventive maintenance is a key step in the care of your equipment to ensure that top quality products are kept in top quality shape, so protecting and maintaining good system health.

Preventive maintenance is more than just a visual inspection of your equipment; a preventive maintenance service includes a complete cleaning of the system, making necessary hardware, software and firmware checks and adjustments, recommending replacement of worn parts, and identifying and preventing costly potential repair issues before problems occur.

It’s important to not just focus on the cost of preventive maintenance, but to consider the cost of not scheduling regular machine maintenance. Preventive maintenance will keep your systems in top condition and can avoid future costly repair work. Preventive maintenance can minimise unplanned downtime and enhance the overall performance of your CMM or portable system. Avoiding just one unplanned/emergency service call easily offsets the additional cost of a preventive maintenance service.

That's why it is so important to keep up with scheduled preventive maintenance. Consider having preventive maintenance scheduled with each calibration service. If the equipment is being operated continuously for more than one shift or is in a shop floor environment, a six-month preventive maintenance service is a good idea to ensure top performance. A particularly effective way of maintaining machine performance is a hardware maintenance agreement (HMA), which can include scheduled preventive maintenance visits. 

Keeping up with preventive maintenance regularly can pay big dividends in both time and cost-savings. It is a simple and easy way to protect your investment and make sure your CMM or portable measurement system is running properly.

To discuss your preventive maintenance needs, contact your local Hexagon services team.