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Spare Parts

The productivity of a measuring instrument depends on the availability of required spare parts when the need arises. With thousands of installed coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), laser trackers, portable measuring arms, 3D laser scanners, and other measuring systems, it’s important for Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence to keep a good stock of both consumable items and those needed for repairs when a measuring system breaks down. 

As a global technology provider, Hexagon can guarantee the availability of certified replacement parts for all products. Hexagon’s network of strategically located warehouses and qualified technical experts reduce your machine downtime to a minimum, while at the same time restoring the machine to its original specified functions. 

To discuss your replacement part requirements, contact your local service department.

A range of accessories and products can also found in the Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence online shop, including:

  • Touch trigger probes and laser tracker reflectors
  • Probe and rack extensions 
  • A variety of styli, including disc styli, star styli, pointer styli and more
  • Coordinate measuring machine (CMM) accessories, such as stylus adapters, extensions, holders, fixturing and load/unload systems, and more.