Receive quick support to repair your machine and reduce downtime.


Whatever the source of a problem or breakdown – from airline replacement to probe repairs – Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence's service teams have the expertise and experience needed to diagnose the issue and address your measuring system’s repair needs.

Whether you’re struggling with an electronic component failure, problems with the drive system, or a tricky error message, Hexagon’s service engineers aim to provide diagnosis in the shortest time possible and the correct solution to get your system running again.

Any problems with coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and automated cells will be resolved at your facility; portable systems, like laser trackers and portable measuring arms, can be fixed at a Hexagon service centre. Hexagon’s expert technicians are trained to diagnose and service our entire installed base. For systems that have been phased out, Hexagon should be able to provide spare parts or retrofit solutions when an original spare part has been discontinued.

Before any service intervention begins, Hexagon ensures you receive a clear quote on all service costs.

Over 100 Hexagon service centres are strategically distributed throughout the world, and are continuously expanding to guarantee you fast and efficient interventions and repairs wherever you are. Drawing on a comprehensive stock of spare parts, Hexagon’s service engineers are well-equipped to restore a wide range of systems to meet your performance requirements. The warranty after the service intervention also covers spare parts.

To resolve your repair needs, contact your local Hexagon services team.

Reducing repair requirements in the future

While some machine failures are the result of unavoidable environmental events, sometimes the premature deterioration of a measurement system’s performance can be the result of overlooking regular maintenance. Hexagon’s hardware maintenance agreement (HMA) can include scheduled preventive maintenance visits, helping you reduce the requirement for emergency repairs.