Guarantee reliable and expert installation of your measuring system


For some portable metrology systems, such as articulated arms, laser trackers and manual 3D optical systems, a specific installation service is not required. For these measuring instruments, the ‘installation’ takes place during the user training course conducted by Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s factory qualified personnel. Configuration and the personalisation of the system takes place prior to the customer delivery at one of Hexagon’s local specialised service centres.

For other measuring systems, it is Hexagon’s responsibility to install your measuring machine to the highest standard.

Measuring devices, such as coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), vision systems and automation cells, need a specific installation before they can be used. For bigger machines like gantries and larger bridge CMMs, the installation process is typically a much more involved project, particularly for gantry CMMs that require specially-built foundations. A team of Hexagon service engineers is deployed to protect your investment, ensure your CMM is installed properly and that the installation process is handled expertly.   

Hexagon will explain to the customer the installation requirements of each specific product in the pre-sale phase, so that the installation site is prepared and available upon arrival of the machine to the customer. 

The installation, the certification of the metrological performances and the initial commissioning of the machine are carried out by the relevant service team; this team remains available during the warranty period of the instrument, and also later for routine maintenance or for any interventions.

When the measuring instrument is integrated into production in an automated cell, Hexagon can provide the customer with the project management support necessary to coordinate the installation and integration of the measuring instrument within the production cell, from the design phase, to the realisation and start-up of the system.