Roadway network management

Map, manage and maintain transportation networks with data-driven technology and insights.

A large multi-lane freeway from above

LRS: The foundation of operations

Build a better representation of your network as the basis for managing assets and predicting behavior on roads.

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Hexagon provides roadway transportation planners and engineers with asset mapping, network modelling and data management capabilities that improve project planning, daily operations and maintenance. 

  • Roadway inventory management
  • Roadway network modelling

Managing roadway assets and inventory can be time-consuming and expensive.

Hexagon’s roadway inventory management solutions offer a digital-first approach to collecting location, condition and lifecycle data on assets across the network. Our smart monitoring platform gives planners, engineers and other stakeholders the ability to  manage, visualise and analyse the network’s inventory of assets all in one place. It reduces the need for frequent, manual field inspections as well as the need to manage disparate and incompatible inventory systems from multiple vendors.

A sign alerts pedestrians not to walk

Monitoring transportation infrastructure and prioritising needed roadway projects are critical to reducing repair costs and minimising environmental impacts. 

Hexagon delivers photogrammetric mapping, remote sensing and digital image solutions that  detect roadway changes and automatically classify images to deliver deeper insights on needed roadway repairs and improvements. Our roadway network modelling solutions also integrate GIS and linear referencing systems, bringing multi-source crash data and other roadway network management data together. Our solutions offer  predictive modelling to better understand  roadway safety hazards across the network.

A major city’s busy intersection.

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