Public safety analytics

Turn fragmented data into analytics and reporting that improve operations and services.

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Transform your agency with public safety analytics

Learn how evidence-based insights can lead to decreased costs, improved efficiency and greater public transparency.

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Hexagon provides police, fire, emergency medical services and dispatch centers with data visualisation and analytics tools to create actionable reports and dashboards. Our data-driven tools allow public safety agencies to better assess performance, allocate resources and improve operations. 


From call logs to field reports, public safety agencies produce significant amounts of data every day. However, this data often fills multiple disconnected databases and systems, making it hard to find and analyse to improve operations and public safety.

Hexagon’s public safety analytics technology offers an efficient way for police, fire, EMS and dispatch centers to gain a unified and actionable view of their data. Dispatch, records and incident data are combined to present a clear, comprehensive single source of truth. Users can generate customisable reports and dashboards to inform stakeholders, detect patterns and derive insights that support better performance and resource allocation.

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