Sonoma County Public Safety Consortium Combines Analytics & GIS to Map Crime Trends

Wanting to identify high-crime areas, common accident sites, and report on public safety incidents trends, the Sonoma County Public Safety Consortium implemented an analytics, mapping, and reporting solution from Hexagon that integrates its CAD and RMS data with existing geospatial information.

River view in the Sonoma County area in California

The Challenge

The Sonoma County Public Safety Consortium (SCPSC) encompasses all law enforcement, fire, and EMS agencies that serve the citizens of Sonoma County,California. To support its commitment to the county’s 500,000 residents, the SCPSC cooperatively manages a shared computer-aided dispatch (CAD) and records management system (RMS) used by member agencies throughout the county. The system allows personnel in any department to communicate directly and share critical information across jurisdictional boundaries.

Wanting to identify high-crime areas, common accident sites, and other locations where public safety incidents frequently occur, the SCPSC needed an analytics and reporting solution that would integrate its CAD and RMS data with maps and geospatial information from the county’s GIS department. The consortium wanted to correlate high-risk areas with factors such as time, offense, and other statistics. The solution also needed to identify emerging incident hotspots.

The Solution

The SCPSC partnered with Hexagon's Safety & Infrastructure division to implement an incident analysis solution that would integrate the county’s CAD and RMS data with existing GIS data.

Powered by Hexagon's analytics technology, the SCPSC can leverage an easy-to-use graphical user interface to perform hotspot and temporal mapping for multiple incident types based on county RMS and CAD data. SCPSC crime analysts can easily map drug- and gang-related activities to determine where additional patrol units are needed, create maps depicting offender locations, and generate reports highlighting crime-relevant statistics and trends to help solve crimes, optimize resource allocation, inform policy, and improve safety for its citizens.

“As we move into a time of information-led policing, Hexagon's incident analysis solution gives us the right tools to extract the data we collect on every incident and use the data analysis to improve the level of service we provide.” 
Crime Analyst
Sonoma County Public Safety Consortium

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