Mine Blast Vibration Monitoring

Use innovative radar technology to monitor blast-induced ground vibrations from remote distances.

pit mine captured mid-blast

Assess blasting operations via remote sensing monitoring system 

Hexagon’s microwave interferometry technology provides accurate remote broad area measurements of ground vibrations.

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Hexagon helps mine workers control the impact of blasts both on the pit and on nearby structures with a revolutionary remote monitoring system. From remote distances, using innovative radar technology, the system safely monitors blast-induced ground vibrations.


Ground vibration is one of the more significant impacts of blasting in the mining process. More than 80% of the energy of explosives is released by generating ground vibrations that spread through the rock and soil to surrounding structures, slopes and benches.

Modern mines depend on technology to control the impact of blast-induced ground vibrations both on the pit and on nearby structures. 

Hexagon offers a remote monitoring system designed to support the assessment of mine blasting. Using microwave interferometry technology, Hexagon’s solution accurately measures remote broad areas for ground vibrations. 

After every blast, the solution measures a range of performance indexes at multiple points from remote distances, without the need to physically place a sensor or marker on the slope. It’s accompanied by a versatile user-friendly software suite for data interpretation and analysis.

open pit slopes


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