Autonomously Assisted Mine Equipment

Reverse assist and vehicle intervention are stepping-stone technologies towards autonomous mining.

Haul truck and graphic illustrating Hexagon's reverse assist capability

Step towards autonomy with reverse assist and vehicle intervention

Full autonomy can mean radical change for a mine. Vehicle intervention and/or reverse assist solve immediate problems.

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Automation and autonomous solutions are cited as being integral to smart mines of the future. Some Hexagon customers are seeing more immediate benefits today from semi-autonomous solutions, such as vehicle intervention and reverse assist.


Flexibility, seamless integration and open architecture all the hallmarks of Hexagon technologies for autonomously assisted mine equipment.

Its autonomous mission management system orchestrates autonomous fleet and unmanned mine traffic movements throughout the mine for optimized autonomous haulage.

In the safety realm, Hexagon’s vehicle intervention system provides brake and drive-by-wire technology, automatically taking control of the propulsion system of the truck in defined situations, if the operator fails to do so.

Backing into a loading position is a perennial challenge for truck operators. “Spotting” right the first time saves time, money, and keeps everything running smoothly. 

Hexagon’s reverse assist solution calculates the optimum reversing path for a truck to follow when backing into a shovel pit to be loaded, or when backing to a hopper to unload. A truck operator equipped with the precise position of the truck in relation to the shovel can target the loading location quicker.

Vehicle intervention puts the breaks on when the operator cannot


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