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Assured positioning, navigation and timing (APNT) solutions.

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Assured positioning, navigation and timing (APNT) means your system is trustworthy and reliable across environments and resilient against GNSS interruptions and interference. We enable APNT through anti-jam technology, resiliency firmware and the deep coupling of GNSS and inertial measurements.

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APNT means a resilient system you can trust

To have assured positioning, navigation and timing (APNT), you need to trust that your positioning solution is reliable, accurate and resilient no matter the environment.

For defence applications, that means a system that provides situational awareness and resilient protection against interference, jamming and spoofing. APNT also requires a level of robustness against GNSS interruptions and outages.

Our solutions enable APNT through:

Build a system you can trust through our APNT solutions.

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Gain situational awareness

Situational awareness allows you to understand and respond quickly to the APNT threats in your environment.

Cyber-electromagnetic activities like interference and jamming can threaten your APNT solution by degrading, denying or falsifying GNSS signals. By identifying what threats exist and where they are, you can better prepare your system.

Firmware in our GNSS Resilience and Integrity Technology (GRIT) suite, like our interference toolkit, spoofing detection or time-tagged digitised samples, provide insights into what interference or jamming sources are near you. You can identify, mitigate and resolve sources before they impact your system.

Our GPS Anti-jam Technology (GAJT) portfolio also includes jammer direction-finding capabilities for additional insight about interference in your area.

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Building resiliency for assured PNT

A resilient system is better able to withstand GNSS interruptions and interference from an increasingly crowded radio frequency spectrum and growing threats of jamming and spoofing. The more resilient your system, the more trusted and assured your positioning, navigation and timing.

We build resiliency through:

  • SPAN GNSS+INS technology enabling rapid reacquisition of GNSS signals after outages so your system is better able to withstand short interruptions by using inertial measurements to support the accuracy of an absolute GNSS position
  • GRIT firmware providing situational awareness of interference, jamming and spoofing sources while also encouraging users to develop interference location algorithms to characterise their environments
  • GPS Anti-jam Technology (GAJT) featuring interference and jamming protection alongside jammer direction-finding capabilities

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