Absolute Arm: Usability

The easy-to-use portable measuring arm

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Absolute Arm Usability

Ease-of-use was at the heart of the design process for the Absolute Arm range. User feedback told us that a more ergonomic, more usable arm was increasingly important to users, so our engineers focused as much on increased usability as they have on maintaining our reputation for high-end accuracy.

Lightweight and robust construction materials make the arm easier to articulate, as do infinite rotation grips at key points of the arm and a unique Zero-G counterbalance system. With our Absolute Encoders the arm can be set up or repositioned without warmup or encoder referencing – it’s just a case of switch on and start measuring, with no complications.

The configurable modular wrist makes measurement easier, whether it’s a 3D scanning or touch probing application. The arm’s pistol grip is interchangeable for any one of three different sizes, or even completely removeable, for easier access to cavities and other hard-to-reach measurement areas. Each of the 3D scanners that is compatible with the Absolute Arm 7-Axis is also easily removable for easier handling when not scanning, as well as being remountable with no need for realignment, making switching between measurement functionalities simple, even within the same measurement session.

The wrist on 7-axis models also features a touchscreen OLED display, which can be used to display measurement results and alter settings, making it easier to carry out an inspection without the need to go constantly back and forth between the arm and the control computer.

And with the full IP54-rated protection and higher maximum operating temperature introduced across the Absolute Arm range in the latest generation of models, some of the major difficulties in using a portable measuring arm under challenging environmental conditions have been virtually eliminated.

Monitoring Absolute Arm performance and functionality has also become easier with the introduction of compatibility with Metrology Asset Manager. This solution offers real-time monitoring and management of individual or fleets of metrology devices, from laser trackers to CMMs, as well as now portable measuring arms. Everything is controlled through a single extremely user-friendly dashboard that makes taking your Absolute Arm out into the emerging world of new and challenging measurement environments as simple and reliable as measuring in the quality room.

When it comes to making accurate measurement easier for small-to-medium sized applications without compromising on portability, there is simply no other choice than the Absolute Arm – and that’s by design.