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Simplify and improve alarm management to increase safety, operator effectiveness and profitability.

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A robust and well-maintained alarm system is fundamental to operator situation awareness, mitigating abnormal situations and ensuring safe and reliable operations. It’s also required in many industries. However, effectively managing and maintaining your alarm solutions is tricky. It’s easy to drown operators in noise rather than actionable information. Poorly performing alarm systems plagued by alarm floods, nuisance alarms and uncontrolled alarm suppression have a direct, negative, impact on plant production and safety. PAS AlarmManagement provides robust, simple-to-use, dynamic software that makes it easy to create an ISA 18.2 and IEC 62682 complaint alarm management program that reduces noise, improves alarm quality and ensures the right information gets to the right places at the right time. With an industry-leading alarm management solution – enabled by Hexagon – your operations will have the resources they need, today and in the future, to achieve maximum effectiveness and continuously improve operations.


Reduce Fatigue, Improve Effectiveness

A person can only process so much information. Streamline and optimize your alarms to improve effectiveness and reduce operator fatigue.

Stop the Noise

Eliminate the noise in your system so operators can clearly see the alarms that need to be seen.

Multiple Assets, One Solution

Manage all your alarms seamlessly regardless of where they come from with a vendor-agnostic solution.


  • Eliminate nuisance alarms to allow alarms to trigger only action, not distraction
  • Drives Compliance for Industry Standards
  • Improves operator detection and response to abnormal situations

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