PAS InBound

PAS InBound®

Displays a plant’s current state relative to the safe operating limits to improve safety and compliance.

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Operating within process boundary limits is critical to safe and profitable production. Boundaries represent the operating window of the process and include optimal/economic limits, alarms, safe operating, safe design, and other types of limits. These limits are often contained in disparate, unconnected, uncoordinated systems. PAS InBound centralizes and validates all your boundary and operating limits in one place and tracks the performance of the process against them. From process safety limits to reliability limits to economic operating limits, PAS InBound seamlessly delivers the proper operational guidance wherever and whenever needed. Know your limits, stay within them and prove them.


Know when boundary
excursions happen

Notify impacted personnel with an alert when boundary excursions occur that require their follow-up.

View Operations in Context

View current operations with the context safety, reliability, environmental and economic limits.

Streamline Information

Collect, consolidate and validate all your operating and process boundary information in one place.


  • Aggregates, validates and displays safe operating limits in real-time

  • Allows operators to instantly determine a plant’s current state relative to its safe operating limits

  • Provides visibility into violations of safe operating limits

PAS InBound

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Is it safe to run the plant?

Leveraged together, safety systems and independent protection layers can heighten visibility into your plant, protect against inadvertent changes, increase uptime and keep your operations safe and reliable.

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