PAS ControlWizard

PAS ControlWizard™

Control loops are foundational to safe and efficient operations. With PAS ControlWizard you have continual visibility into control loop performance and its impact on operations.

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Control loops are foundational to efficient operations. Everything from process safety to quality control to remote operations depends on the accuracy and precision of your control loops. When control loops are running well your operations run optimally – processes operate in spec, alarms are reduced and your operators are more effective. When control loops aren’t right, they send impact ripples across your operations from equipment life to operator efficiency to the bottom line. With PAS ControlWizard you have continual visibility into control loop performance and its impact on your operations.


Identify problems

Identifies potential issue with sensors, valves and controllers.

Track time

Track how long control loops are in manual mode to uncover process issues and improve operations.

Identify phantom costs

A single broken control loop can create invisible holes and take money from your bottom line.


  • Eliminates issues hindering process safety and profitability

  • Continuously monitors, assesses, analyzes and diagnoses control loop performance

  • Adds process intelligence to your loops

PAS ControlWizard

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