The smart, high-performance CNC machining verification / simulation software experience.


Cutting tool management

NCSIMUL Tool allows you to manage your tool flow, scheduling, and inventory of cutting tools.

Product capabilities

Features at a glance :

You operate at least 5 machining centres. You are looking for ways to respond even faster to demand, keep control of costs and improve the management of your cutting tools :



  • You're scratching your head for ways to make savings on your NC machines
  • You keep entering the same tool data into multiple programs
  • The tools you see in theory don't match the tools in the workshop
  • You are constantly looking for missing tools when it's time to start production
  • You are not making the most of the cutting knowhow in your company
  • Your tool turnaround time is less than optimal


  • Rationalize your tool inventory and turnaround time
  • Integrate your tools into your global production process
  • 95% of tool uptime while you prepare
  • 50% time savings on tool preparation
  • 30% less tools in inventory
  • 15% less value wasted on unused inventory
  • 0% dead or unsupported tools

  • Global management of the tool flow: elements, assemblies, test and inspection systems, 3D CAM models, inventory, stats, supplier data, documents and cutting parameters…
  • Single repository for nominal and physical tools built into the global production process.
  • Analysis and rewrite function for the ISO program before loading on to the machine: renumber calls, write compensation and special codes for tool measurement on the machine.
  • Scheduling of tool preparation and automatic renewal based on inventory / production flows.
  • Control and/or interface with automated controllers, measurement bench, laser measurers, etc.
  • Interfaced with leading CAD/CAM software: CATIA, Edgecam , Esprit, NX, TopSolid CAM, etc.


"With NCSIMUL TOOL we have succeeded in reducing our cutting tool costs while optimizing preparation efficiency and making our machine-tools more productive." 


Franck COPIN
CAM/Process engineering Manager