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A suite of software developed to empower machine shops to achieve operational excellence in the manufacturing of discrete parts, tools, and components with machine tools at any scale, from one-off prototypes to volume production, and across industries ranging from medical to aerospace and beyond

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A suite of CAD / CAM, process optimization, shop-floor intelligence, and workflow automation capabilities empowering machine shops to achieve operational excellence in manufacturing discrete parts, tools, and components on CNC machines, spanning from prototype to production, across industries ranging from medical to aerospace and beyond.

CAD for manufacturing & design reviews

Streamline your production processes, enhance collaboration, ensure manufacturability and compliance, and embed quality into the design and preparation phase of manufacturing.

CAD for Manufacturing & Design Reviews

Design Review
Design reviews validate requirements, helps optimize resource utilization and empower informed decision-making in manufacturing thus minimizing the need for rework and reducing errors,

Geometry and PMI Verification
Provides a host of geometry creation techniques that are critical for model preparation along with PMI verification ensures quality and precision in manufacturing processes by validating that the product's design and manufacturing information match.

Part and Stock Preparation
Helps simplify geometry during various stages of the machining process. Removing regions of the model, such as intersecting features, improves the machining process. Creating model variations for each stage of the process becomes simple and the machining results are fast and of higher quality

Workholding Definition
Offers suggestions of effective workholding that enhances productivity by reducing setup times, optimizing tool paths, and enabling multiple operations on a single setup.

Reverse Engineering
Using reverse engineering capabilities, engineers can move smoothly from point cloud management through to the creation of meshes, surface models and solids all within a single design environment that includes a fully enabled direct modelling system.

DESIGNER 2023.1 Detect Extract Defects
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CAM for CNC machine tool programming

Revolutionize your manufacturing operations with true digital twin technology, artificial intelligence, next generation automation tools, and robust CAM programming to safely and efficiently drive all of your CNC machinery.

CAM for CNC Machine Tool Programming

Milling 3- to 5-Axis
Explores full range of capabilities of any machine with Graphical simulation feature that previews the toolpath movements and machining process in real-time, helping programmers visualize the results before actual machining.

Capabilities of both Turning centers and Turn Mill centers programming with accurate simulation and G-code generation for complex machining cycles. Quickly produces efficient rough and finish toolpaths for a wide variety of workpieces and machining situations offering extensive user control of individual cutter movements

Swiss-Type and Multi-Tasking
To provide programming, optimization, and simulation specifically tuned for Swiss type and muti tasking machines, our CAM combines a comprehensive suite of milling, turning, and inspection cycles with support for Swiss-specific machine components — sliding headstocks, guide bushings, gang slides and posts for tooling, secondary spindles, and collinear axes thus simplifying the programming process while utilizing the full capability of the machine

Wire EDM
Tailored solutions for specific wire EDM brands and machines, offering optimization based on their unique characteristics and established machine-specific insights into cutting conditions.

High-Speed Machining
High-speed machining for 2.5-, 3-, 4-, and 5-axis roughing significantly reduces cycle times and dramatically increases tool life. This strategy combines optimized, high-speed toolpath patterns, chip thinning with light radial engagements and full depths of cut, and dynamically optimized feed rates to maintain consistent chip loads and minimized cutting forces throughout the cut.

Heavy Machining
CAM programming for heavy machining strives to attain optimal and accurate outcomes by considering the size and weight of the workpiece, as well as the specific machine's capabilities.

On-Machine Inspection
Multi-Axis 3+2 probing cycles may be added at any point during the part program and combined with other cycles into one complete part program to support all machining and on-machine inspection needs.

Metal Additive Manufacturing
Efficiently combining additive and subtractive processes through side-by-side programming. Offering a seamless workflow for hybrid or dedicated additive machines. Incorporating stock-aware cycles for both additive and subtractive operations.

Virtual Machine Setup
A digital twin of the CNC along with the part setup and tooling. Setting up the machine digitally, with realistic tool assemblies and workholding as done in the shop, gives CAM an awareness of the real manufacturing environment.

Programming Automation
Solves unique challenges with individually tailored automation solutions and apps built using the software’s API. Tap into the power of CAM via the API to eliminate repetitive tasks, provide higher degrees of automation, and facilitate the flow of data into and out of the CAM system.

Turn-key Post Processing
See exactly what will happen at the machine before you ever cut a chip. View the entire machining environment, including stock materials, fixtures, and clamps in dynamic, solid-shaded graphics. All the kinematic action of your machine is displayed in real time, giving you an incredibly accurate verification of the entire machining process.

Aerospace Milling
metalworking industry: drilling a hole on modern metal working machining center
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Wire EDM
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Process simulation, verification & optimization

Verify, certify, and optimize your code before running your programs to guarantee machining results, safeguard your equipment, and maximize machine output.

Process Simulation, Verification & Optimization

G-Code Simulation
This simulation provides a visual and interactive representation of how the machine will operate, including tool movements, cutting paths, and interactions with the workpiece.

Cycle Time Optimization
Aids in verifying the accuracy of toolpaths, ensuring proper machine operation, estimating cycle times, and optimizing cutting parameters. By verifying the cut time and non cut time, Optimizes the total Cycle time required for the part.

Setup Revision
Reviewing the setup and updating reference points (datum points) to ensure accurate machining and verify that the revised setup and toolpaths will result in the desired outcomes without collisions or errors

Program Certification
Once the program passes all verification and validation steps, the system certifies the program and thus stored as a master in the database, generally an approval process by designated personnel, often including manufacturing engineers and quality control teams which can be now avoided with this certification.


Shop-floor production intelligence

Put your data to work by gaining actionable intelligence from your shop floor with real-time and historical reports on production performance without the need for operator input.

Shop Floor Production Intelligence

Production Monitoring
By seamlessly connecting to your CNC machines, our software reveals real-time production insights and comprehensive factory trends effortlessly. There's no need to gather, export, analyze, or tailor data—everything you need is just a click away for your review

Real-Time Job Insights
Autonomously sets a standard for defining optimal production levels. It comprehensively examines and presents data on Takt parts, cycle times, utilization etc. for each job. This information is then compared to the established benchmark using a straightforward scoring system that is easily comprehensible by all stakeholders

Data-Driven Planning
Offers a detailed analysis on both a per-job and per-machine basis, spanning any selected timeframe. By providing a granular breakdown of performance, it assists in optimizing staffing levels, enabling you to allocate resources efficiently based on real data.

Automated Job Costing
Delivers a clear understanding of the Costing for each individual part in relation to machining operations. Additionally, it pinpoints areas where substantial potential for margin enhancement exists. This benefit not only provides insights into the financial aspects of each part's production but also directs your attention towards the specific opportunities where optimizing margins can be most impactful.

Condition Monitoring
Anticipates potential problems before they occur by predictive analytics. It provides insights that enable you to foresee the quality of the parts being produced. This comprehensive approach not only prevents costly downtime but also elevates your production process to a level of precision that guarantees consistent output.

Intelligent Machine Control
Facilitate lights out manufacturing with automated tool offset correction.IMC utilizes SPC driven intelligence and delivers an automatic feedback loop for production machining companies wanting to achieve consistent quality component manufacturing on their machine tools.

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Automation & collaboration powered by Nexus

Extend the capabilities of your technology with the power of Nexus, including tool catalogs and machine libraries, collaboration tools, workflow automations, and next gen computational technologies.

Automation & Collaboration Powered by Nexus

Production Machining Products

  • EDGECAM production software for manufacturing

    EDGECAM is a production CAM solution, combining the power of sophisticated toolpath generation with seamless CAD integration.

  • NCSIMUL production software for CNC simulation in manufacturing IOP pod image

    NCSIMUL CNC simulation software helps validate G-code and optimise machining processes in a virtual environment.

  • Datanomix

    The industry's first and only No Operator Input™ solution

  • Designer CAD for CAM software on monitor

    DESIGNER is a CAD for CAM software that provides a variety of solid, surface and sheet metal modelling capabilities and more.


    Complete CAM solution for Swiss-type CNC machines and multitasking turning centers.

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      Human-Assisted autonomy
      NC Program generation automated
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  • Person sitting at a desk looking at dual monitors with Esprit Edge software on the screens

    CAM for CNC machine tool programming powered by artificial intelligence and driven with digital twin technology.

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      Human-Assisted autonomy
      NC Program generation automated
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  • Nexus

    Nexus is a platform to enhance smart manufacturing collaboration, accelerating innovation and time to market.