WYSIWYC® | What you see is what you cut

Real-Time synchronized simulation with CNC machines.

Change the way you interact with CNC machines

Change the way you interact with CNC machines

Get real-time supervision of your machine tools, with a clear, instant picture of where and what actions are needed.

Product capabilities


Overcoming obstacles

CNC operators today are facing ever-increasing pressure on production flow, while shop floor managers are chasing any sources of machine downtime.

As Obsolete PCs restrict access to state-of-the-art technologies, manufacturing companies have a hard time recruiting "gen-Y" operators to run their powerful but highly complex CNC machines.


To help companies get the full value from their CNC machine tools, SPRING has developed a 100% mobile solution that synchronizes both CNC simulation and work instruction sheets with machine tools.

WYSIWYC® is implemented on a rugged, easily portable tablet PC such as the Panasonic Toughpad, enabling simultaneous real-time supervision of several CNC machine tools, and offering operators a clear, instant picture of where and what actions are needed.

Higher shop floor productivity, up to +25%:

  • Information immediately available: allows a time saving of 2 hours per operator and per program
  • Secured operators: A significant reduction in the number of errors, an improved decision-making and a relay 3 * 8 more fluid
  • Easier multi-machine supervision and full mobility ensured

Invaluable help for Generation-Y talent

  • With access to state-of-the-art technologies, mobility and
    modernity. WYSIWYC® becomes an essential tool for "Gen-Y"
    operators and programmers.d

Education - CNC programming for all:

  • Lower budgets for machines and rough stocks leads training
    centers to guide NC programming learning toward a virtual
    reality environment, thus avoiding very expensive investment.

"We are offering our customers the opportunity to synchronize the virtual 3D environment with the real world. A major technological breakthrough and a big step forward that paves the way to flexible production." 


Gilles Battier
Innovation Director