j5 Standing Orders

j5 Standing Orders

j5 Standing Orders allows users to communicate, distribute and track instructions on a digital platform, with an audit trail of who has received and acknowledged them.

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To ensure safe operations, it is key to receive and understand process instructions. Traditionally, these would be written in the control room on a whiteboard, but this method has limitations: it cannot be audited, is not mobile and lacks accountability.

j5 Standing Orders allows for the distribution of operational orders on a digital platform, with an audit trail of who has received and acknowledged them. With j5 applications' mobile capabilities, field operators can receive and acknowledge these notifications remotely.

Features & benefits

Fast search and filtering, integration with other j5 applications, time savings and accuracy.

Consistent standing orders

Consistent standing orders

Ensure consistent formatting, structure and content entry.

Centralised Data Repository

Centralised data repository

Overcome the limitations of the whiteboard approach and bring additional process benefits.

Connected data

Connected data

Configure j5 Standing Orders to meet your sites’ specific requirements, from mandatory recorded information to specific approval workflows.

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