j5 Connectors

j5 Connectors

Connect j5 applications with data historians, CMMS, DCS and engineering data

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On every industrial site there is a stream of operations, maintenance and safety events occurring at all levels and areas. The use of singular solutions and homegrown applications often leads to siloed information that is not shared easily between teams.

j5 Operations Management Solutions allow for comprehensive, real-time connection with data historians, the CMMS, the DCS and engineering data. This leads to consistency across departments, seamless access to information and significant time savings.

Type of connector Description
j5 Connector for Web Services Handle multiple types of documents with clear communications, connectivity integration and systems of record.
j5 Connector for the Aveva™ PI System™ Combine human procedures with real-time data including PI tags, PI asset framework and PI event frames.
j5 Connect for Aspen InfoPlus.21® (IP.21) Enables a connection with the data historian for the retrieval and write-back of tag historical values.
j5 Connector for GE Digital Proficy Historian Integration with historian software for operations data and analysis.
j5 Connector for OPC Sources Link data with an OPC connector such as a DCS.
j5 Connector for SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) Synchronize plant information including work orders and work notifications.
j5 Connector for IBM Maximo® Retrieve equipment and functional location data and access work orders.

Features & benefits

Fast search and filtering, integration with other j5 applications, time savings and accuracy.

Consistent stream of data

Consistent stream of data

Ensure consistency across operations and process safety teams.

Centralised Data Repository

Centralised data repository

Replace paper, spreadsheets, scattered databases and disconnected applications with a unified platform with enterprise scalability.

Intuitive data connection

Intuitive data connection

Configure j5 applications to easily collate all relevant external system information.

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Unite O&M, safety, engineering and real-time data on Aveva™ PI System™

A powerful Combination - Unite Operations and Maintenance, safety, engineering and real-time data on Aveva™ PI System™.


j5 Connector for SAP® PM

Synchronize the SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) asset register, work orders and work notifications with j5 Operations Management Solutions.


j5 Connector for IBM Maximo®

Synchronise the IMB Maximo asset management, work orders and service requests with j5 Operations Management Solutions

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