j5 Shift Handover

j5 Shift Handover

j5 Shift Handover allows you to achieve consistent, safe and fully informed shift handovers, improve communication and reduce the risk of hazardous incidents.

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Inadequate tools, such as paper, spreadsheets and disconnected applications, are still being used during the shift handover process, increasing risk and inefficiencies. The historical devastation caused by poor shift handover procedures has highlighted the need for the digitisation of these critical processes.

j5 Shift Handover improves shift-to-shift communication and reduces the risk of hazardous incidents, meeting shift handover recommendations from a range of industry and government agencies.

Features & benefits

Fast search and filtering, integration with other j5 applications, time savings and accuracy.

Consistent shift handover

Consistent shift handover

Ensure consistent formatting, structure and content entry.

Centralised Data Repository

Centralised data repository

Eliminate paper, spreadsheets, scattered databases and disconnected applications.

Connected data

Connected data

Acquire data from other industrial systems, such as data historians, CMMS and DCS.

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