FTI FASTIncremental

Virtual prove out analysis simulation for sheet metal stamping

FTI FASTIncremental sheet metal analysis software simulation of auto car parts

Virtual process simulation

A solution for validating tooling designs and process parameters prior to cutting dies.

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Manufacturing engineering software solution for sheet metal components

FTI FASTIncremental is a user-friendly, 3D explicit incremental analysis solution that provides a complete virtual die development and try-out for tool and die makers. FTI FASTIncremental provides a detailed solution for validating tooling designs and process parameters prior to cutting dies. It requires no simulation background and offers advanced features, such as automatic blank shape and trim line development, automatic process setup, gravity loading, and binder simulation.

Your benefits with FTI FASTIncremental

  • Hexagon’s Dytran 3D explicit solver for efficient and precise formability simulation results
  • Extensive material modelling capabilities, including directional anisotropy and a large database of material types and grades
  • Support for single- and multi-pass forming operations
  • Automatic positioning and punch stroke evaluation for faster and easier model setup
  • Gravity and binder closing simulation to validate binder designs and anticipate binder wrap issues
  • Comprehensive and flexible analytical forming conditions, including pressure pads, blankholder force, drawbeads, pilot holes, constraints, symmetry, etc.
  • Complete panel breakdown results to track the development of formability issues
  • True physical wrinkle visualisation
  • Dedicated implicit springback solver for accurate springback prediction after forming and springback compensation data for export to CAD
  • Hexagon’s proprietary Coupled Hybrid Inverse (CHI) solver for accurate blank shape development
  • Knowledge-based templates for standardising simulation parameters
  • Automated PowerPoint, Excel, and HTML Reporting to summarize product and tool design issues.