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Car interior noise

Actran VibroAcoustics

A robust, reliable, and high performing vibro-acoustic CAE module

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In order to study the interaction of structural vibration with the adjacent fluid, it is necessary to model the acoustic behavior of the involved structural components. This can be achieved with the rich material library of Actran, that includes the conventional material for acoustic or visco-elastic media, porous or incompressible media, composite materials or active components like piezo-electric ceramics. If you prefer, a modal basis of the structure may also be imported from most structural FEA codes.

With the ability to simulate realistic modeling boundary conditions by combining dynamic, kinematic and acoustic constraints, as well as physical excitations like diffuse sound field and turbulent boundary layer, you can obtain accurate representation of the acoustic performance of your designs. In addition, you also have the ability to combine this capability with Actran AeroAcoustics to giving you the ability to model complex aero-vibro-acoustic problems.

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Sample applications:

  • Automotive: Noise related problems from powertrains, intakes, exhausts, passenger compartment, trim, seats, hoses, tires, windows and windshields, audio, HVAC.
  • Aerospace: Sound transmission through cockpit and fuselage, noise propagation in air distribution system, response to TBL excitation, random dynamic response of  rocket payload at take-off.
  • Consumer goods: Telephones, headsets, loudspeakers, hearing aid devices, disk drives, washing machines, refrigerators, cameras.
  • Defense: Underwater acoustics, sonars.

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