Noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) for electric vehicles

Full system NVH simulation, from ePowertrain to full vehicle across the whole frequency spectrum. 

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Optimal NVH designs for lighter and more comfortable vehicles

Shorten the development cycle and reduce the number of prototypes with end-to-end NVH simulation

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Hexagon’s NVH solutions enables OEMs and suppliers tackle electrification challenges with technologies that help reduce component mass while maintaining excellent noise and vibration performance. The solution enables data-driven decisions to be made early in the design process for meeting NVH targets.

A complete NVH simulation solution

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High-accuracy noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) analysis is crucial for meeting NVH targets and shortening the development and verification cycle. Balancing powertrain performance with quietness of the cabin interior, masking tire and wind noise to provide a superior quality of the ride are just a few examples of the challenges that eMobility brings. 

The wide frequency spectrum where the vehicle must showcase excellent NVH performance requires engineers to adopt a variety of solutions and materials, each designed for a specific frequency range and noise source.  

Hexagon offers an end-to-end solution for NVH with industry-standard tools that allow engineers to optimise the structural behaviour (vibrations), encapsulate noise sources (acoustic materials) and reduce the emission levels of the powertrain (gears and bearings).


Right the first time 

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Electrification brings several new challenges for the powertrain NVH, including a shift from low-frequency to high-frequency noise, new designs, more lightweight, stiff chassis and a greater need to balance NVH performance with efficiency. At the same time, automakers want to reduce development time, prototyping and testing, as well as understand powertrain sound quality from the end-user's perspective. 

Providing fast, accurate solutions for engineering insight and optimisation, Hexagon’s advanced simulation capabilities are proven to work in the real world. Combining advanced capabilities with interfaces to the rest of your CAE ecosystem, Hexagon enables a “right first time” CAE-led solution for powertrain NVH design. 

Evaluate full vehicle performance effortlessly

A car in Nastran simulation software showing interior noiseEvaluating full-vehicle NVH performance for the complete frequency spectrum can be challenging, especially when fast answers are required early in the design  process. But it does not have to be.

Hexagon provides a complete solution that can: 

  • Solve large models faster
  • Simplify complex model assembly
  • Use machine learning to get insights in real-time
  • Tackle high frequencies efficiently
  • Optimise the trim package for performance and cost
  • Compute airborne noise based on transmission loss data
  • Accurately predict the effect of secondary noise sources such as tire noise and wind noise

And all within the context of the full vehicle.

Hexagon offers an end-to-end solution to full-vehicle NVH that can enable  automakers to reduce prototyping, shorten the development cycle and produce lightweight vehicles with optimal NVH performance.

Expand your simulations in a vibrant ecosystem

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Hexagon's vibrant partner ecosystem offers endless possibilities for expanding your simulations and unlocking new levels of insight. 

With partnerships spanning the industry's leading providers for electric motor simulation and testing, acoustic packages and NVH testing and driving simulators, Hexagon enables you to leverage cutting-edge technologies and expand your simulations to reduce turnaround times and drive faster, more accurate results. 

Explore the limitless potential of our ecosystem and discover how Hexagon and its partners can help you push the boundaries of NVH performance.

Accelerating engineering simulation

Shot of Corridor in Working Data Center Full of Rack Servers and SupercomputersCloud and machine learning technologies are becoming indispensable in the design process, enabling faster insights and shortened development cycles.  

By leveraging Hexagon's partnerships with AWS and Microsoft Azure, you can accelerate your simulations and reduce turnaround time for large models from days to hours.  

Powered by technology from Hexagon's machine learning solution for engineering simulation, ODYSSEE, Nastran can accelerate simulations and facilitate real-time "what-if" analyses. This technology also enables engineers to create reduced order models (ROMs) that can quickly and accurately predict previously unseen designs and perform optimisation. 



Actran is the premier acoustic simulation software to solve acoustics, vibro-acoustics and aero-acoustics problems.

MSC Nastran

MSC Nastran is a structural analysis application used by engineers to perform static, dynamic and thermal analysis.

MSC Apex

MSC Apex is a unified CAE environment for virtual product development.

Romax Spectrum

Romax Spectrum is a noise and vibration (NVH) simulation software that enables electro-mechanical powertrain NVH simulation.


MSCOne is a product token system that lets you take advantage of the breadth and depth of Hexagon’s simulation portfolio.


Adams is a multibody dynamics simulation tool to model moving part dynamics and the effects of forces on mechanical systems.