Mine Blast Movement Monitoring

Accurately measure blast movement to increase ore yield and minimise dilution in every blast.

Mine Blast

Minimise loss and dilution with blast movement sensor software

Hexagon’s blast movement monitoring system accurately measures 3D blast movement in hard rock mining.

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As part of a data-driven, holistic approach to the drill and blast process, Hexagon provides blast movement sensor software to track blasts while minimising ore loss and dilution safely and accurately.


Two significant challenges face every mine: namely, small errors at any stage of the complex drill and blast cycle compound to create costly consequences later; and declining ore grades means mines are digging more earth for less ore. 

Combining proven software and hardware from a team of dedicated technical experts, Hexagon drives excellence, focusing on the incremental improvements needed for elite drill and blast performance. 

At the heart of this data-driven feedback loop is a blast monitoring solution that minimises loss and dilution. The solution comprises softball-sized blast movement monitors placed within the blast volume prior to blasting. 

These are located after the blast with a specially designed detector. Integrated software calculates the 3D movement vector of each monitor, redefining ore boundaries or digging levels to account for the measured movement, while calculating the value of recovered ore, dilution and misclassification.

drill and blast area in mine


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