Material Management and Warehousing

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Hexagon's Nexus Connected Worker Solutions helps manufacturers accelerate their digital transformation by optimising workflows involving people, methods and machines. The materials management solution integrates and orchestrates information between systems of record and locations.


Materials management and warehousing

Efficient materials management and warehousing are key to success, since an uninterrupted material flow is needed to operate effectively. 

Digital workflow solutions enable you to develop and maintain a plan for every aspect of material handling, such as these:

  • Identifying reliable sources for direct and indirect materials
  • Determining the optimal combination of price, quantity, quality and purchasing schedule 
  • Shipping materials safely and efficiently
  • Developing a materials management warehousing plan that reduces waste while ensuring availability
  • Performing efficient cycle counting 

With a digital solution for efficient material management and warehousing, you can ensure timely, efficient flow of materials, maintain product quality and promote goodwill with suppliers and customers alike.

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