Geospatial information management for defence

Produce and deliver maps and geospatial information for military planning and operations. 

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 Support for joint military operations

In-theater operators and non-technical users can share geospatial intelligence that meets multinational standards. 

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Hexagon provides defence organisations with end-to-end capabilities for mapping and geospatial information management. From data collection through delivery, our solutions support highly accurate and precise visualisation analysis and decision-making.


Defence mapping has come a long way from paper maps. Now, military geospatial agencies and operators  can use real-time data visualisation and analysis to detect and track forces, targets and points of interest. Users at different technical levels can leverage modern, up-to-date digital databases for geospatial information and location intelligence that meet internationally recognised standards.  

From collection and management to production and delivery, Hexagon provides defence organisations with end-to-end capabilities for geospatial information management and rapid mapping for mission-critical operations. We offer commercial, off-the-shelf solutions and highly-configurable platforms that deliver MGCP and JOG-compliant mapping products, incorporate NATO-standard joint military symbology, enable 2D/3D map visualisation and intelligence analysis and more. 

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