Sibelga Uses Utility GIS for Asset Management & Operations

Needing to update an obsolete geographical information system without vendor support, Sibelga implemented Hexagon's utility GIS solution to reduce technology expenditures, streamline data and asset management, and integrate dispatch tools.

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The Challenge

As the sole distribution network for gas and electricity in the City of Brussels, Sibelga provides utility services to more than 1.8 million individuals residing within 19 municipalities. With more than a million connection points between electric and gas networks, Sibelga manages a vast amount of utility specific data to deliver services to its customers.

Using an obsolete GIS without vendor support, Sibelga required a new solution that would reduce the cost of software updates. The modernization of Sibelga’s system needed to streamline data sharing between departments by integrating multiple GIS systems and dispatch tools and simplifying its IT architecture. Additionally, Sibelga wanted a tool to manage the complete asset life cycle, ensuring efficient and accurate workflow processes.

The Solution

Sibelga selected advanced utility GIS software from Hexagon's Safety & Infrastructure division to meet its accelerating data management requirements. With the flexibility to configure data models for electricity and gas utilities, Hexagon’s solution provides essential support for Sibelga’s day-to-day operations and asset management needs.

The solution, known at Sibelga as “ATLAS,” is used across multiple departments, including operations, dispatching, asset management, service connections, and IT. Additionally, the system promotes end-to-end network management with real-time data access, network reporting and analysis, project management, meter integration, incident response, and more.

The integration of all graphical and alphanumeric asset data into a single, unified database has substantially improved data quality and timeliness, leading to greater operational efficiency and performance. With the ability to perform critical analysis of asset and resource data, Sibelga can spend more time enhancing its customer service experience.

"Hexagon's solution offered easy accessibility to the data and the ability to exploit it with a minimum cost in maintenance."
Department Director
Gestion Réseaux Sibelga

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