Aircraft cabin interior brackets installation

Guided positioning and final inspection of cabin interior brackets


Installing and controlling lining brackets in aircraft cabins can be a time-consuming process. Traditional methods involve iterative manual installation and measurement by operators, who then need to check positioning against design drawings. If there is a deviation from the CAD, fitters will have to go back to realign brackets.

Hexagon’s online photogrammetry tools enable metrology-assisted assembly of cabin interior brackets by inspecting the installation while it is in progress. The adjustment, installation, measurement and documentation of brackets becomes a one-step process, doing away with the need for expensive measurement installations. Instead, any misalignment can be identified and fixed on the spot while the fitter is still working, which greatly increases aerospace manufacturers’ productivity. 

In addition, this dynamic referencing system allows Hexagon’s equipment to compensate for movements and vibrations, making it ideal for the shop-floor environment of an aircraft assembly line.

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Real-time photogrammetry

Hexagon’s AICON MoveInspect XR8 photogrammetry solution enables operators to monitor and control bracket alignment during installation.

Large-volume metrology software

Designed specifically for large-volume spatial measurement, SpatialAnalyzer is an ideal software for aircraft assembly operations, including the...

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