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SpatialAnalyzer® (SA) is a powerful, traceable and easy to use metrology and analysis software package, tailored for the Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence portable CMM family.

SA offers a vast number of benefits, including:
  • Intuitive, state of the art graphical environment
  • Interfaces to all Hexagon Metrology portable CMMs
  • All common CAD exchange and native formats
  • Advanced analysis and processing and unique alignment techniques
  • Easy multiple instrument station bundling
  • True GD&T and feature checks
  • Numerous reporting options
  • Measurement uncertainty calculation
  • USMN to achieve the ideal instrument network
  • Integrated Modern Scripting Language to automate complete workflows
  • Multiple language support
  • Free SA Viewer to share SA job files easily

SpatialAnalyzer® makes metrology easy.


  • Features & Benefits
    SA interfaces to all Hexagon Metrology portable instruments like Laser Trackers, Laser Stations, Theodolites and its accessories, even simultaneous if needed. A clear history of all data from start to finish is logged, providing 100% traceability.

    Align instruments to known coordinate systems using a variety of techniques, from 3-2-1 and best fits to interactive fitting such as Quick-Align and classic surface fits.
    Unique Relationship Fitting allows for simultaneous feature-based fitting to organic surfaces in addition to traditional iterative fitting.

    Build and assemble virtually
    The digital assembly options in SA lets users see how parts will virtually fit in final real assembly. An entire suite of tools for real-time building is provided. Helping to build most complex parts based on nominal data coming from numerical lists, drawings or CAD.

    Evaluate and Analyze
    SA user-friendly interface permits both graphical and numerical depiction of measurement uncertainty, enhancing the user’s perspective of measurement quality. GD&T allows you to import CAD with GD&T annotations, create annotations manually, and inspect to GD&T standards with real-time reporting. Geometry inspection enables you to define design-based inspection routines from a CAD model or primitive geometry.
    Relationship fitting is an advanced, unique type of Spatial Transformation capability. Relationships are dynamic links between entities and keep track of 3- or 6-DOF deviations and recalculate them in real-time. They can be optimized to per-feature-fits with unique weights and/or constraints.

    A huge variety of different exchange and native CAD formats is provided. Supported formats include CATIA, Solid Works, Pro/ENGINEER, Inventor, VDA FS, IGES, STEP, STL and many more. The complete suite of translators is always on board, no matter which version of SA is being used.

    SA offers state of the art and easy to use drag-and-drop reporting including GD&T reporting, Composite Quick Reports (Graphics, Tables, Results), Callouts, direct export to Microsoft Excel and Word, SPC Charting, HTML, AVI movies, Quick PDF reports and even totally customized reports.

    Simulate and Optimize
    SA supports simulation of measurements including its errors as they can apply under real world conditions, based upon the selected instrument(s) a priori uncertainty model(s).
    The USMN (Unified Spatial Metrology Network) brings all used instruments into one common network and creates a point group that represents the network as a whole. Compared to traditional methods, this approach removes the error stack-up of instruments positions. USMN uses instrument uncertainty and advanced optimization algorithms to simultaneously solve for all instrument positions and can also be used to determine the instrument a posteriori uncertainty.

    Rapid Workflows with SA Toolkit
    The interactive SA Toolkit Bar provides quick access to GD&T, Relationships, Inspection, Analysis and reporting functionality. It enables users to easily access the features they need the most during typical metrology workflows.

    The integrated Measurement Plan and SA SDK functions can add a significant layer of automation to your processes for repetitive tasks. Generating simple to complex scripts can greatly improve workflow and productivity, reducing analysis time from days to minutes while eliminating errors and saving significant resources.  Programming can be carried out instrument independent. Functionality is also available in the user’s own development environment such as C++, Visual Basic etc.

    Remote Control
    View real-time measurement data where it is needed and remotely control laser trackers from an iPhone®, iPod® Touch. iPad® or iPad mini®. The SA Remote App is available from the Apple App Store, free of charge.

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