SURFCAM Lathe and Mill Turn

SURFCAM Lathe provides control over every aspect of your turning requirements, from roughing to final finish. Gouge free paths that include turning, grooving and threading are the hallmark of SURFCAM Lathe. Support for advanced canned cycles add to the speed of getting code to the shop floor quickly and easily.

SURFCAM Lathe hero marquee

Turning strategies

SURFCAM Lathe helps you program your turned parts quickly.

Product capabilities

Lathe and mill turn product highlights include:

  • Automatic retract and logic for complex inner diameter machining
  • Gouge free toolpaths can be verified in both solid and wireframe modes
  • One-step I.D. and O.D. roughing and finishing for an automated turning process
  • Support for canned cycles
  • Polar interpolation support and Y-axis cutting increases the range of production capabilities
  • Integration of live tooling and off-centre operations for mill turn programming
  • Complete access to all 2-axis thru 5-axis milling strategies for use in a mill turn environment.