SURFCAM 2022.1

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Surfcam 2022.1 - What's new

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Major new enhancements have been made to following functionalities within SURFCAM 2022.1:

  • Tool library

    Image of Tool-librarySURFCAM tool library has been moved to Microsoft SQL Server. This update will allow a much broader sharing of the tool library across an organisation’s infrastructure and will allow for easier usage and new database creation.

    Building and expanding the tool library will allow for enhanced usage of the library by toolpath generators and a greater ability to add new tool types and future holder support. NCSIMUL simulation and post-processing will also benefit from this update.

    This updated database also enhances the network security required by IT and organisation’s standards. New SURFCAM Tool Library Manager has been created to help translate from the previous versions to the SQL Server.

  • 2-axis waveform
    Image of 2-axis-waveformInternal redesign of the 2-axis waveform toolpath now introduces multi-threading support resulting in faster calculation and processing times.

    This re-design also adds updated lead-in / lead-out functionality resulting in less rapid moves and better overall toolpath.

    This first toolpath will lead the way as the remaining 3-axis toolpath generators utilising the multi-core environment are updated.
  • Operation manager: Operation run time estimate

    Image of Operation-manager Operation-run-time-estimateThe setup sheet run time estimate is now displayed on the operation manager when an operation is created.

    This will help with the toolpath’s runtime estimates and the ability to visualize how long a job should run on the machine.

    This option gives a quick idea before needing to run a setup sheet or post processor analysis.

  • Fixture layers in verification
    Image of Fixture layers in verificationOriginally created to support fixturing in NCSIMUL, many users requested we introduce an option for verification with the same functionality.
    This ability has now been added to be supported with verifying and multi fixture support options.
    This option will be enhanced further for better end-user usage and added functionality.
  • EditNC 12.1 update

    Image of EditNC-12.1 updateUpdate to version 12.1.3 – addition of multi-path (swiss control) support to editor mainly for editing and printing.

    Backplot toolbar has been updated with requested layout changes.

    Update also includes fix for line resequencing issue.

  • DESIGNER version 2022.1 update

    Image of  DESIGNER-version-20221-SURFCAM 2022.1 is updated to exchange data with the latest version of DESIGNER.

    For more details regarding DESIGNER 2022.1, please visit the following webpage:

    What’s New in DESIGNER?

  • NCSIMUL version 2022.1 update

    Image of NCSIMUL SURFCAM 2022.1 is updated to exchange data with the latest version of NCSIMUL.

    For more details regarding NCSIMUL 2022.1, please visit the following webpage:

    NCSIMUL | NC Simulation