Incident Reporting

Hexagon's Incident Reporting solution offers mobile apps for reporting incidents with geolocation and workflow so that every incident and near miss is recorded immediately, notifying all relevant personnel, and ensuring procedural compliance.

Low angle view of experienced engineer in protective helmet holding digital tablet in hands while wrapped up in work at manufacturing plant

Create a Safety Culture

Automated, real-time access to incident reports and all safety information.

An Easy-to-Use, Cost-Saving Game Changer

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Incident Reporting

Instantly report incident information as it occurs using a simple, easy-to-use application on your mobile device.

Key features:

  • Ensures you close the loop on corrective action
  • Provides push button retrieval of information
  • Reduces legal exposure
  • Raises awareness of hazards
  • Improves safety records

Incident reporting solution is highlighted with two different interfaces on two separate tablets.

"The Xalt app maps to our unique workflows, automates processes and analyzes hazard data to help us consistently achieve compliance and make better safety decisions. "