Nexus Connected Worker solutions

Nexus Connected Worker solutions are digital solutions for manufacturing, designed to facilitate smooth data integration, elevate cross-functional digital competencies, and empower real-time decision making. These solutions dismantle information barriers and transition conventional processes into digital workflows, ultimately driving OEE.

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Optimise your operations and improve productivity

Discover solutions enhancing resilience and sustainability by transforming complex data into actionable insights.

Your path to optimised business operations and digital evolution

Nexus Connected Worker solutions streamline manufacturing processes by facilitating seamless data integration, enhancing cross-functional digital competencies, and enabling real-time decision-making, ultimately driving Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) to new heights.  Discover innovative solutions that enhance resilience and sustainability by converting complex data into actionable insights, empowering your organisation to thrive in today's dynamic manufacturing landscape. Unlock the potential of your manufacturing operations with Nexus Connected Worker, empowering your workforce and accelerating your journey towards digital transformation.

About Nexus Connected Worker

Hexagon's Nexus Connected Worker solutions digitally capture traditionally paper-based processes, providing real-time visibility and ensuring efficient completion of shop-floor tasks with speed, accuracy, and safety at the forefront. Addressing manufacturing challenges head-on, Nexus Connected Worker solutions mobile app grants operators efficient access to essential information, thereby enhancing performance and safety across production, maintenance, and inspection operations.   

Connected Worker solutions

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    End-to-end solution for real-time data integration, offering insights for productivity, uptime and quality control.

  • Nexus Connected Worker Audits worker with a tablet

    Nexus Connected Worker Audits ensures safe machinery and optimal output through operator-friendly digital audits, visual guidance and data utilisations.

  • Nexus Connected Worker Maintenance woman holding an iPad

    Nexus Connected Worker Maintenance provides a set of digital workflows to track capital equipment, optimise schedules and reduce costs.

  • Connected Worker Operations machine optimisation with iPad

    Nexus Connected Worker Operations provides a comprehensive set of digital workflows to optimise processes, improve availability and boost productivity.

  • Nexus Connected Worker machine optimisation with tablet

    Nexus Connected Worker Quality ensures standardised inspections, enabling quicker responses, higher yield and reduce scrap through real-time reporting.

  • An engineer doing a line walk between manufacturing equipment

    Line walks help manufacturing operators to digitally observe, capture and evaluate the operational performance

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