How Hexagon creates value for the government industry

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Enhance government services with digital solutions and insights

Ongoing digital transformation at all levels makes governmental departments and programmes more effective and responsive. Hexagon’s digital solutions help governments improve services, optimise assets and infrastructure and keep people safe.

Digital government

Delivering government services in a digital world is increasingly complex. Growing populations, changing technologies, citizen expectations, aging infrastructure, safety concerns and more create challenges for government authorities and departments.

Our technologies innovate data collection, analysis, management and delivery, providing the information and insights needed to improve public sector initiatives and investments. We help organisations map land and assets, monitor and optimise services, build and maintain infrastructure, improve performance and ensure public safety and security.

Employee reviewing information on a tablet outside of a government building

Valuable information and insights

Hexagon’s objective for the public sector is to empower government departments with the ability to better understand and act on data. We provide an advanced digital twin for government planning and operations that ensures accurate, current information and capabilities when and where they are needed most, including:

  • Airborne and mobile mapping of land, assets and infrastructure
  • Geospatial content, analysis and data management
  • Map production and delivery
  • Field data collection and management
  • Real-time monitoring of land, assets and infrastructure
  • 3D security and surveillance
  • Emergency management and response

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