Gear UP! With QUINDOS for flexible and efficient gear inspection.

Gearing UP


Powerful enough to handle gear inspection tasks within the most complex and demanding powertrain industries, QUINDOS provides an unrivalled selection of modules and programming capabilities within a highly visual CAD enabled environment.

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The leading modular metrology software for gear measurement

QUINDOS provides an unrivalled selection of modules and programming capabilities for gear inspection

  • Highest accuracy and repeatability
  • Compliant with industry standards
  • Specialised modules for wide range of gear types
  • Fast programme creation in CAD based user interface

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Special geometry modules for all types of gears

Add Special Geometry modules to the core QUINDOS application to measure demanding gear components with unique evaluation standards. Add-on modules are available for:



geometry modules


Measure gears on all sizes of stationary or portable CMMs

QUINDOS connects with a wide range of Hexagon CMMs and sensors to deliver effective gear measurement solutions.

Standards compliant

QUINDOS supports the latest international standards and industrial guidelines and is PTB accredited for cylindrical gears.

Standards icons for ISO, DIN, AGMA, JIS, PTB, VDI
GDE diagram

Support for Gear Data Exchange

Gear Data Exchange (GDE) refers to a standardised format and protocol for sharing and exchanging data used in the design, manufacturing, and analysis of gears. QUINDOS communicates with other GDE enabled software tools or systems to seamlessly exchange gear data for improved interoperability and efficiency.

Working with you to develop bespoke gear measurement applications

With Hexagon’s global presence extending to over 70 solutions centres globally, experienced engineers are on hand to help you develop bespoke applications for the most challenging gear inspection projects. 

Integration with your existing systems and processes are also possible thanks to a wide range of solution specific modules, standard interfaces and open database architecture. 

Customer applications can be individually designed and adapted – from inspection plans to turnkey solutions, measurement rooms and automated assembly.

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Download our guide to gear measurement with QUINDOS

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