HxGN AgrOn Transport Optimisation: Synchronised system for transport and cutting operations in the field

Synchronised system for transport and cutting operations in the field.

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Ensures synchronisation and maximises productivity during the harvest. The product was developed precisely to ensure the raw material flow is not interrupted. The monitoring and control of trucks transporting the raw material is carried out in real-time, creating an optimised flow for the cutting, loading and transport operations, as well as the continuous and shorter delivery-to-industry supply.

Hexagon_AG_ISOBUS_ Terminal_Universal

  • Monitors and controls machines and trucks in real-time
  • Provides accurate positioning information for trucks throughout transport cycles
  • Decides destination and route of each new trip by applying an optimisation algorithm for dispatches
  • Maximises transport capacity while reducing downtime of harvesting resources
  • Reduces the risk of industry downtime by ensuring the timely delivery of the scheduled raw material volumes
  • Manages and controls eventual occurrences of equipment delays and outages
  • Accelerates decision making
  • Ensures the delivery of the planting until the harvest
  • Ensures projected ratios are met
  • Improves the management of transport operations

HxGN AgrOn Logistics Support Planning

Optimisation and coordination system for the production support resources.

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