HxGN AgrOn Operational Management: Information management system in forestry operations

Information management system in forestry operations.

agriculture and forestry operational management

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Information management system through reports compound of numerical and geographic consolidations of agricultural and forestry operations. The product generates highly customised reports from data sent automatically by the displays that are on the machines in the field.

Operational Management screen

  • Enables immediate corrective action of uncalibrated machines
  • Generates number of seedlings based on real space after subsoiling
  • Improves productive times by planning the maneuvering trajectory
  • Presents the data in the form of reports with thematic maps, graphs and exportable tables
  • Enables integration with ERP and BI tools
  • Facilitates modification and creation of new reports
  • Tools for analysis of georeferenced information
  • Generates indicators on input use in relation to the recommendation
  • Identifying anomalies in the operation
  • Ability to work with the Ti5 and Ti7 displays


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HxGN AgrOn Data Integration

Middleware that allows configure and deploy connection interfaces from different data sources