HxGN AgrOn Core Box: Auto Steering controller to be integrated into guidance systems

Auto Steering controller that offers customised and integrated solutions for manufacturers of agricultural implements and machines and it is compatible with a wide range of machines.

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Hexagon’s answer to a fragmented industry technology landscape rampant with technology and compatibility issues. Core Box enables steering a wide range of machines, with a simple API to receive the guidance information and multiple interfaces to steer the vehicle.  It is an innovative, flexible, powerful and agnostic platform. 

  • Controllable via API to run sophisticated steering algorithms
  • Integration made easier with ISOBUS VT available for calibration 
  • Optional internal multi frequency GNSS receivers with heading solution and hardware redundancy
  • Sensor technologies that include positioning technologies, with integrated IMU and various sensors inputs to provide a complete auto steering module 
  • Multiple interface options including Automotive Ethernet, USB-C, CAN bus and serial
  • Rugged design to endure challenging environments
  • Connectivity with communication capabilities using Wi-Fi, 4G and Bluetooth
  • Ability for tractor manufacturers to increase capability to ship with auto-steer in factory-equipped units 
  • Additional access to remote support portal allowing OEMs, dealers and end users to access and control the Core Box remotely

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Electronic Control Unit for interfacing sensors and agricultural actuators.