Hexagon OP Pro Machine Guidance

High-precision guidance for dozers, drills, and loading equipment, improving bench elevations, reducing dilution and decreasing rework.

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Main benefits

Decrease re-work for loaders

High-precision guidance enables loading equipment to improve bench elevations, reduce dilution and decrease rework.

Visualize design plans easily

Send material polygons to loading equipment, hole patterns to drilling rigs and design projects to dozers without needing to mark designs in the pit.

Account for material movement

Quality material moved is accounted for accurately and operators are notified instantly if they are traveling to the wrong dumping location.

High-precision guidance solution for open-pit mines

Surveyors sometimes risk dangerous conditions to mark ore boundaries, patterns, and special dozer projects. Operators must keep daily logs of work completed during their shift, hoping to avoid errors. Hours of rework are sometimes necessary to ensure level benches. High-grade material can end up at the wrong dump location. And poorly constructed roads, dumps, and ramps cause extra wear and tear on haulage equipment.

Hexagon OP Pro Machine Guidance addresses these issues. It’s a high-precision guidance solution for dozers, drills and loading equipment. It enables loading equipment to improve bench elevations, reduce dilution, and decrease rework. For dozers, the solution provides operators with easy-to-visualize design plans, minimizing costs by eliminating the need for grade staking and survey crews. And for drills, it enables drilling to the right position and elevation the first time, every time.


Hexagon OP Pro Machine Guidance gives you accuracy and instantaneous feedback, meaning improved loading times across fleet, less misrouted material, fewer hours of rework on ramps, roads, and benches, and fewer over- and under-drilled holes. It improves the quality of material produced and improves fragmentation with precise drillhole placement and depth.

Up-to-date positioning for better decisions

Maximize production and time. Hexagon OP Pro Machine Guidance integrates with Hexagon OP Pro to know the exact location of haulage equipment, providing loading equipment operators more accurate ETAs. Operators can maintain production and accommodate for schedule cleanup and small delays.

Integrates with third-party weigh systems

Payload feedback integration with third-party weigh systems reduces the number of truck overloads. Grade control integration with the MinePlan portfolio provides simple methods of transferring designs to field equipment.

A single source for reporting across the fleet

Hexagon OP Pro Machine Guidance integrates with other Hexagon solutions, providing you with a single source for reporting and support across the entire fleet.

Shaping the Digital Mine at Southern Peru

In the Peruvian Andes, Grupo Mexico and Southern Peru Copper Corporation, are applying Hexagon’s fleet management and mine planning solutions at Cuajone and Toquepala mines, with outstanding results.

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OP Pro HP helps improve operational efficiency

A gold mine in Mexico reports increased operational efficiency and reduced costs after implementing Hexagon OP Pro Machine Guidance in its fleet of 23 haul trucks and six high-precision shovels to track and log activity.

Minimizing operational and maintenance costs

Read our blog to learn how dispatchers from Adaro’s PT Saptaindra Sejati used Hexagon to reduce the number of haul trucks per fleet while increasing productivity and reducing loader hangtime.

Manage your fleet and minimize your costs

Watch our video for an overview of how Hexagon's integrated solutions can help you drive efficiencies, reduce waste and increase productivity throughout your mine.

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