Hexagon Development Optimiser™

The Development Optimiser improves drilling accuracy for optimised blasts, reduced over-break and under-break, increased rate of advance and reduced CO2 emissions in development drilling operations. Applicable for use on all development drill rig makes and models.

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Main benefits

Improve Drilling Accuracy

Superior setup accuracy reducing blast-hole deviation, regardless of operator experience.

Optimal Blasts

Achieve optimal blasts with improved fragmentation and rate of advance, with less time spent on rework.

Reduce Over & Under-break

Reduce over-break, under-break and dishing of the face caused by inaccurate drilling.
Energy Consulting

Powered by CORE™ for superior drilling data

CORE (Client Online Reporting Engine) includes digital drill plans and plods that synchronise seamlessly with mine planning software to deliver unmatched data capture and visualisation.

As a secure cloud-based drilling data platform, CORE features digital drill plans and plods that sync seamlessly with existing mine planning software, providing accurate, reliable, and real-time drilling data to mine operators. 


A Technology Ecosystem

The Development Optimiser systems combines advanced hardware with a digital platform to deliver superior drilling accuracy and ensure drilling as to design.

Set the ‘Target’

With the rail aligned to the designed trajectory, the driller sets the ‘Target’ on the touch screen interface mounted inside the rig cabin – locking in the trajectory for every hole and removing all guesswork.

Reduce CO2 Emissions

The improvement in drilling efficiency reduces CO2 emissions, supporting sustainability goals at mining operations.

Development Optimiser™ brochure

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