ERDAS IMAGINE LiveLink for Google Earth Engine

An extension to ERDAS IMAGINE's Spatial Model Editor

satellite image of terrain

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ERDAS IMAGINE LiveLink for Google Earth Engine pairs the intuitive and accessible graphical modeling environment of ERDAS IMAGINE’s Spatial Model Editor with the vast data holdings and online geoprocessing capabilities of Google Earth Engine.

Convenient access to petabytes of data

Google Earth has over 40 years of geospatial data, including electro-optical and SAR data, thematic data and elevation data.

Scalable cloud processing

Google Cloud users can process in the cloud to achieve unmatched scalability.

Flexible coding options

Google Earth Engine users can harness the power of Google from the easy-to-use environment of Spatial Modeler with no programming required.

Efficient locating and processing of hundreds of scenes

Google Earth Engine users can search by date, region and more to select the images to process and combine in a single concise model.

Seamless data integration

Google Cloud data can be combined with your data to create seamless results.

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