eMMA Illustrator

eMMA Illustrator module tcreates report templates and export PDF reports in all eMMA modules

Q-DAS eMMA Illustrator software shown on monitor in marquee

Generating quality reports for thousands of parts…

…can become a time consuming and cumbersome task. Although report templates have been adopted as a technique to reuse part of the design work.

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Product capabilities

Standardised reports across eMMA modules and business units

The templates created with eMMA Illustrator are standard across all eMMA modules. Once a template is created it can be edited/copied/reused to automatically generate PDF reports or visualise the created scenes in a different eMMA module among other options.

eMMA Illustrator allows the automatic generation of scenes reducing dramatically the time needed to create a report template. eMMA Illustrator uses information stored in the inspection plan to automatically group features into scenes according to the area, geometry, or assembly to which they belong.