DESIGNER: Intuitive

Streamlined workflows and intuitive user interfaces deliver fast, optimised solutions for smarter manufacturing

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A screenshot of Hexagon's DESIGNER CADCAM software showing a hoverboard designed using the solution.

DESIGNER’s intuitive user interface and simple search functions make it quick and easy to start making manufacturing smarter.

DESIGNER is easily configurable, allowing each user’s experience and workflow to be shaped according to their preferences and the needs of the specific application. 

DESIGNER also lets users optimise how they interact with the product using a built-in Javascript engine, giving them the flexibility to drive operational efficiencies, such as running repetitive operations through a simple script.

If there are any questions, DESIGNER’s comprehensive embedded help tool can help quickly provide the answers. The context-sensitive embedded help documentation makes it easy to get to grips with even the most complex of commands. Dynamic rotation, zoom and pan, together with programmable function keys and mouse buttons, help speed up the operation of the software.

Unlimited undo and redo operations with user-definable bookmarks enable the designer to move backwards and forwards throughout the design process. Multi-layer and multi-origin control with user definable colour palettes and line-styles makes it easy to review, create and work with very complex designs.


Intuitive and easy to use, DESIGNER is Hexagon’s CAD application that delivers the capabilities required to close the gap between design and manufacturing.

DESIGNER: Powerful

DESIGNER’s powerful design and detailing capabilities open up new possibilities for smarter manufacturing to a wide range of manufacturers.

DESIGNER Downloads

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