Hexagon's Manufacturing Intelligence Channel Partners

Hexagon’s strong network of partners allows customers around the world to access our technology to invent, design, manufacture, test or service products. We rely on our partners not only to provide our technologies in local markets, but also, to deliver solutions that solve specific business problems in those markets.

Hexagon's Manufacturing Intelligence Channel Partners

Our Hexagon partners are an integral extension of our internal teams. View our trusted partners or find out how to become one today

What is a Hexagon Channel partner?

Our channel partners sell our products or utilise those products as a foundation to create and sell their own offerings. Partners are qualified to deliver solutions within their respective industries and have the necessary market knowledge to increase the value of our technologies.

Hexagon providers partners with consultancy, sales support, and training services to ensure they have the necessary tools to be successful in promoting and selling our products.

We also aid in the planning and implementation of revenue growth strategies to help our partners develop new markets and expand their business. While partners are typically responsible for generating their own business opportunities, Hexagon will support partner marketing activities and execute marketing programs aimed at generating additional leads for partners.

Why Partner with Hexagon

Diverse product portfolio

Access to cutting-edge solutions in design, simulation, testing, manufacturing design planning, production and inspection.

Industry-leading technology

Offer advanced technologies, positioning your company as a provider of innovative solutions.

Training and certification

Comprehensive training programs ensure your team is proficient in selling, implementing, and supporting Hexagon's products.

Market credibility

Enhance your company's credibility by partnering with the globally recognised brand, Hexagon.

Access to global markets

Tap into Hexagon's global network, expanding your market reach and accessing new geographic regions.

Marketing support

Leverage co-marketing initiatives and promotional materials to effectively promote and sell solutions.

Revenue opportunities

Benefit from revenue-sharing agreements, creating opportunities for additional services and income.

Technical support

Access Hexagon's technical support to resolve issues promptly and maintain customer satisfaction.

Vertical and horizontal expansion

Explore new industries and expand your product offering both vertically and horizontally.

Collaborative innovation

Contribute insights and feedback, participating in collaborative product development and innovation.
“We've been working with Hexagon for many years now and have been able to grow our business significantly through this co-operation. Thanks to excellent support on both the commercial and technical sides, we have been able to develop our market and solutions in the direction our customers want.”
Michael Weber
MW Programmation SA
Hexagon Channel partner

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Hexagon’s strong network of partners allows customers around the world to access our technology to invent, design, manufacture, test or service products. With over 1100 Partners globally our technology is used by 100,000+ manufacturers worldwide.

Become a channel partner

Partnership with Hexagon provides companies with the opportunity to maximise their profit margins through high-demand software and/or Hardware sales. We offer world-class technology that enable our Partners to build world leading customer specific solutions.